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Hello everyone,

I was honoured to be chosen as one of five finalists in my publisher’s Author of the Year Awards this year. CBG has 143 authors on their books (oops, excuse the pun) and to say I was delighted to be in the final five would be a HUGE understatement. The winner is a wonderful writer from San Francisco Celia Breslin – great work, Celia.

My “Falling-In-Love” trilogy, entitled in order “FALLING FOR JACK;” “FALLING FOR LUKE;” and “FALLING FOR NICK” have all been released now- whoo hoo! I’m very happy about that. They can be bought in e-book format through or, plus many other sites. Although connected, the three books are quite different with distinct characters and can be read as stand-alone novels.

My crime book “A TASTE OF EVIL,” finalist in the 2012 Novel of The Year, is still selling well and I have had some fantastic Reviews – these can be read if you go to “A Taste of Evil” under the New Releases drop-down. It’s available in print so for readers that prefer the print format – there ya go! It can be bought through or and, plus other sites.

I have been very tardy in finishing the sequel to A Taste of Evil, being “EVIL ATTRACTION” mainly because of my major back surgery and the recovery time required. It has made it a little difficult to sit too long at the computer but, I will get there, I promise!

As always I welcome any feedback so please email me anytime – even if it’s to say Hi on You can also catch me on Facebook -

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A Taste of Evil

Falling for Jack


Falling for Luke
The Killing Words
Evil Attraction